Big Bird Bellagio

Grandstanding Bellagio!  He went up to Trump Tower and gave the President elect the “what for & how to” …….ya right!

He said “I am going to break the law and do as I please, we have thousands of Muslims in New York Police Dept. and we are a city of immigrants.”

Who said anything about people who are legally here?  Slight correction Mr Mayor, we are a Nation of LEGAL immigrants.  Next question?

He pontificated on “stop & frisk” and how it saves lives.  He knows this how?  Police in N.Y. City have taken thousands of guns off the streets with this policy. The police like and endorse it, the criminals hate it.  The police do not like and endorse their delusional mayor who encourages violence in the streets and can’t fix the traffic flow, his real job.   HIs telling remark about Gucci and Tiffany just shows his contempt for the business in New York!  He has failed as mayor and is incapable of doing his job, remember the snowstorm that paralysed New York for weeks? Remember the riots in Occupy Wall Street?  Remember the bridges shut down with protestors? These activities cost the tax payers millions.  This guy could screw up the World’s Fair.

Follow the money……There is absolutely no justification for protecting gang members and felons.  This is part and parcel to  cheap labor subsidized by taxpayer provided subsidies. Why?  …….. for votes and power.  It is both morally and legally wrong!

“We the people” are done with it!

Washington has talked about Comprehensive Immigration Reform since Reagan’s amnesty when the Democrats promised to build a wall on our Southern Border and stop the flow of Illegals. They even had the money for it but they didn’t do it.  Liars all of them.

Trump and his administration will do it.

There is no place in this country for criminal drug dealer and known repeat felons to hide, and the sanctuary cities won’t hide them for long.

Democrats  will scare everyone into believing people will come in the night and spirit them away! No one will go anywhere unless they are criminals.

It is good for the country to verify undocumented illegal immigrants, e verify will take them out of  hiding.  It is genius to identify them and remove them from the underground of low wages and fear which is really just another form of slavery.

Make them tax payers like the rest of us provided they are working and not on government aid.

The criminals go and they go now!


The Miracle on Pennsylvania Ave

Donald Trump won and they can’t figure out why?

Try a sluggish economy and a never ending phony recovery. President Obama’s policies,  The Progressive Agenda of do nothing and go nowhere with sycophant adulation.

A  Community Organizer President who thought he was a King and went it alone, he governed with his pen and his phone and bragged about it.

Democrats are all about social issues so they showcased the things the majority of Americans couldn’t care less about.  Let’s face it, Democrats can always tell you how they feel.  Facts completely elude them. Like  ISIS and fear of being murdered in the streets, that was too big to concentrate on. Our wide open borders and God knows who flooding in, why worry about that?

In the dark of night they sent rooms full of money to Iran, the biggest sponsor of terror in the world.  So they appeased and emboldened our enemies and infuriated our allies!

Obama thinks being “cool” is enough and Hillary thought we owed her the presidency.  A woman so paranoid she put the National Security of this country at risk to hide her nefarious deeds!

The  demonstrators “Urban terrorists”  are  costing the tax payers more than they already do!  Obama is a fool if he thinks this is about Trump, it is about anarchy.  What happened in Ferguson, The Occupiers on Wall Street and countless demonstrations on campuses all over the country on his watch?  They have no respect for him or this country and he knows it, or at least he should.

We haven’t had a leader for eight years, that’s what is happening. we will soon have one and rest assured this nonsense will end.




Melting Snowflakes

If ever there was a time to bring back the Military Draft it is now!  The “cry ins” at the Universities are a sad reality. The generation of “it’s all about me” just might be in for a reality check!

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

Most Professors are just old students who never grew up, never worked in the private sector and teach theories, never practical knowledge. Does anyone believe they are preparing these kids for success in the working world?   Kids are forced to write papers to please them if they want a good grade. This is freedom? The left is not about freedom of speech or thought and never has been. They fill their heads with nonsense, give them little practical knowledge and no critical thinking.  Who will hire them? I hope their rich parents are prepared to support them forever.

I listen to them saying they are “the compassionate generation”, they love everyone and Trump is a hater. This is so familiar to me. I grew up in California in the 60’s, the flower children and all their love for drugs, communes and living in filth. Where are they now? Most of them are dead but many are teaching your kids.

It is time for America to look hard at these Liberal Professors and offer a strong alternative. In order to teach at college level, they should have to work in the private sector for five years.  Most of them would never make it.  Some of them would become capitalists and successful, maybe ever appreciate the country that has served them so well. They would most certainly change their old and tired tune.

Thank God the majority of kids do have decent parents and will not waste their precious time.  They are going to school to learn, too bad it won’t be from their teachers. They will learn their most valuable lessons working in the private sector at a menial job!  It’s funny how the costs of their education has been bloated by the very government they think they want!

The “give me” generation is about to see America as she should be.  A good and prosperous life is a choice in America, it isn’t easy but it is available and it will be even more available real soon!

Our colleges are not serving this country well and it is time for parents to question what they are actually paying for.

In 1944, 18 year olds were storming the beaches of Normandy so these pathetic kids could have the fabulous freedom they enjoy today.  They don’t even know it and who’s fault is that?

I don’t think the new administration is going to put up with them, Reagan didn’t.

The Brilliant Deplorables!

I never gave up hope.  I was addicted to Fox News, Tivo became a way of life for me, roaring through the nightly news programs and picking our the people I wanted to hear.

My husband told me I was going ’round the bend and it didn’t even bother me.

I love History and have always been interested in Politics. I am far too impatient to have ever been a politician and I am not politically correct!  I have no problem telling you where to put it if I don’t like where you’ve got it, but nicely.

I prayed Donald Trump would win this election. Sometimes on my walks I would say things like “God, I know you don’t care about our stupid politics but wouldn’t you like someone in there who would bring You back into our lives?” The art of the deal comes to mind.

I just kept thinking, People are fed up, they simply can’t keep doing the same things and looking for a different result. But, mostly, I worried about the people who would vote for a woman they knew accomplished nothing substantial in thirty years and constantly lied to us. A woman so paranoid she risked the Security of this Nation to hide her nefarious deeds.

I faltered, I couldn’t comprehend it. I justified in my mind they were voting for Bill. They were remembering the prosperous 90’s and forgot what the Clinton’s were really like, the corruption, the scandals, the suspicious disappearances, all forgotten. A man who had oral sex in the Oval office with a 20 year old intern, lied and was impeached, lost his law licence…how could they be so stupid!  Bill had nothing to do with the prosperous 90’s, he was busy chasing the ladies, it was the dot com boom and Newt Gingrich and “the Contract for America” but people don’t do research, they have feelings and emotions and little actual data.

The night before the election my dear husband said to me, “Look, if Hillary wins it isn’t going to change our lives and we only have one vote each so worrying about it doesn’t matter.”  I knew he was right, but it never was about us. It was about the country we are leaving to our grandchildren…we got ours and I want them to get theirs, to feel the power of success…the American Dream for themselves!

And then came the night of the election and after being glued to the television nightly, I couldn’t watch! I put on Netflix and watched “The Queen”.  I love this country and had come to love Donald Trump, warts and all.  Then my husband came into the room and said, “I think Trump is winning.”

And he did!   The best is yet to come and Donald Trump with the smartest people in this country working with him will bring it.  it’s on the way!

God Bless America!

Nation of “Sayers”

We “say” we want real change. 70% of us say we need change. We think the country is on the wrong path!

We “say” we want fair trade and  jobs.

We “say” we want our veterans taken care of.

We “say” we want our cities safe and law and order to prevail.

We “say” we want ISIS eradicated.

We “say” we want America first, we want accountability on money sent to other nations.

We “say” we  are tired of our politicians dooming our children’s futures.

………YET WE ARE BEING OFFERED A SOLUTION  WITH DONALD TRUMP yet we vote for a 30 year corrupt politician with nothing new, nothing accomplished and was complicit  in causing most of the problems?

Keep it simple.  Change will never come from a woman who has had numerous chances to make positive change but concentrated on keeping her face in the taxpayers dinner plate for over 30 years.

Judge people by their family and friends. Acquaintances and Accomplishments. Leadership abilities!

You can tell a lot about people by what they actually do…….not much by what they say.