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The Miracle on Pennsylvania Ave

Donald Trump won and they can’t figure out why?

Try a sluggish economy and a never ending phony recovery. President Obama’s policies,  The Progressive Agenda of do nothing and go nowhere with sycophant adulation.

A  Community Organizer President who thought he was a King and went it alone, he governed with his pen and his phone and bragged about it.

Democrats are all about social issues so they showcased the things the majority of Americans couldn’t care less about.  Let’s face it, Democrats can always tell you how they feel.  Facts completely elude them. Like  ISIS and fear of being murdered in the streets, that was too big to concentrate on. Our wide open borders and God knows who flooding in, why worry about that?

In the dark of night they sent rooms full of money to Iran, the biggest sponsor of terror in the world.  So they appeased and emboldened our enemies and infuriated our allies!

Obama thinks being “cool” is enough and Hillary thought we owed her the presidency.  A woman so paranoid she put the National Security of this country at risk to hide her nefarious deeds!

The  demonstrators “Urban terrorists”  are  costing the tax payers more than they already do!  Obama is a fool if he thinks this is about Trump, it is about anarchy.  What happened in Ferguson, The Occupiers on Wall Street and countless demonstrations on campuses all over the country on his watch?  They have no respect for him or this country and he knows it, or at least he should.

We haven’t had a leader for eight years, that’s what is happening. we will soon have one and rest assured this nonsense will end.





The Old Republican Guard

I am a common sense Conservative. Like most Americans, I see big flaws (caverns actually) in both of our Ruling parties. Democrats are Socialists and Republicans are the Old Democrats of Years gone by!

Now everyone is acting up but it isn’t new. If you are a History buff like me, you know the parties have had blood feuds since inception. Jefferson called Adams a Hermaphrodite (half man Half woman) when he was running against him. They hurled insults as fast as Zeus tossed lightning bolts! I have no problem with boys being boys, I have a real concern when the Ruling Class thinks it can choose our leaders no matter what the people want.

This is on both sides. We all know there is no way the Democratic Party will allow Bernie Sanders to win. He is a Socialist and they should have never allowed him to run in the first place, but, be careful what you wish for. They thought Hillary would mow him down but they forgot about their liberal thinking education system that has taught the youth they are entitled to everything they want! And they want it now! I laugh about this because they are getting exactly what they deserve.

Hillary has not brought a ground swell of discontents to her side, he has. She doesn’t care because she knows she has the Super Delegates, thus the fix is in. Bernie could have hit her hard on her peccadillos but he didn’t, he knew he couldn’t! No worries, Trump will. Do the Democrats not see she was a Coronation from the beginning? Truth is she is a bad Queen, she loses her train of thought often, she has no real record of accomplishments (being married to Bill and flying around the world is not an accomplishment, sorry) and her message is exactly what? She takes Trump’s line and adds the word “whole”?

She has had many years to make America “whole”. Why didn’t she give her friend Barack a few of her fabulous ideas? She caused him more trouble than she is worth, the Middle East on fire is on her…not him.

The old Republican guard don’t like “The Donald”. Why? What are they afraid of? It is high time we had a leader that is in it for the American citizens not themselves. If you have children and grandchildren, aren’t you worried about the future they will have if we keep doing the same things over and over? Insanity!

Donald Trump is not perfect but he makes perfect sense. I know for sure he will not spend a billion dollars on vacations. He will have to use Air Force One, but I bet he spends Christmas in the Traditional White House and has State Dinners with Proper people who are important to the advancement and well being of this country. He and his beautiful family with celebrate Christmas as Christians’. He has “important and influential” friends and he could care less about attending Washington’s stupid cocktail parties. I think the real reason Justice Roberts voted for Obamacare was so that he could continue to attend the Georgetown cocktail dinners and parties on our dime!

I was a bank Vice President for forty years, I know how all this stuff works. I know people owe favors and rewards are given often to the chosen, but this is the Best Country in the world and we won’t be able to continue to say that if we don’t wake up.

Trump is flying all over the world all the time. He sees we are deteriorating, he goes to Shanghai and Dubai and sees the huge infrastructure, the building and upward movement and he knows we are stagnant. We have airports that look like third world country airports, we have infrastructure that is old and failing and we have nuts like Jerry Brown in California wanting to build railroads to nowhere.

We don’t just need change, it’s too cheap a word and can mean anything. We need leadership, we need to reignite the American Dream for all to aspire to and we need to clean out Washington with term limits and take back power from the Federal gov’t and return it to the States.

We have plenty to do and an opportunity to elect a person who will organize the right people to do it.

Never in my life have I been so disgusted with politicians. “We the People” are forgotten in this entire scenario. Hillary Clinton will continue to raid the piggy bank, our national dept. will continue to rise, unemployment figures will still be fictional and people on welfare will still be the big lie they tell us and in the end we will have lost our country to politicians who never did give a damn about any of us.

I for one do not need to personally like my President, my boss or my mother in law, but when they win fair and square I do support them. I am a conservative realist too.

I’m with Donald, I see him as our only chance.

Angels of Warwick

My new book ANGELS OF WARWICK just launched and I invite all who love to read to read it! It is a family saga mystery/murder/romance and will take you to days when things seemed simpler but were every bit as complicated as they are now! I love to write and this story is right from the heart, my beautiful mother and favourite aunt take you on a life adventure of excitement, despair, laughter, tears and all emotions! Jump into the little Durant Coupe and go on an adventure with two women very ahead of their time…..I loved them and you will too!


I worked into an executive position when females were not expected to be more than secretaries. Even if they got an executive job, they usually got their own coffee. I didn’t know they were going to take over!

No matter how hard we try, we can’t change mother nature. Now, don’t get your panties in a bunch, men chase women and they like to be caught. Actually, I think since Eve, we have plotted and planned the entire mess. To many women, I would have an “old fashioned view” but if you remember you are a GIRL you can easily win this battle.

Men like us more than we like them. Personally, I like men and always have. I have three grandsons and I want them to be happy and successful and find good women for themselves. What worries me today is, what is a good woman? Do young girls know?

In my day a good woman was honest, smart, respectful, kind, caring, had a good sense of humor, attractive (even the animals look for the most attractive mate) and willing to let a man FEEL like a man. Hey, she was superwoman! You’re a woman, so easy to do. Don’t get confused with Life and Career, work is important but it’s not the most important. Your life is, don’t define yourself by your career, you are way more than that!

If you liked a man you dressed for him, you wore his favorite perfume, you cared about his thoughts and you expected him to treat you like a LADY. Personally, I like to feel cherished and I think everyone can have that, but it’s not automatic, you have to work at it! Everything in life is a challenge, it’s what makes us get up everyday.

Take a look at the people who have it easy..see all the trouble they get into? It’s a goal for every woman to be loved, wanted and appreciated….CHERISHED. Earn it, you want a good man don’t you? GO GET HIM AND DON’T EVEN THINK OF ENTERTAINING A MARRIED MAN. If you think about yourself first (as you should) you will see, people bring their own heartache for the most part. Get the man who wants you and then enjoy him, IT’S THE SECRET TO LIFE! (At least one of them)